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Undergrad Students

About Our Undergraduate Programs

Marine Science has been part of the academic curriculum at the University of Miami since 1949, when the Marine Laboratory, now known as the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science; initiated a program of studies leading to the Master of Science degree. Today, Rosenstiel is one of the largest oceanographic institutes in the country with a faculty of just over a hundred scientists who conduct sponsored research and engage in academic training. In 1977, the College of Arts and Sciences and Rosenstiel joined together to establish an undergraduate Marine and Atmospheric Science Program. The degree granting authority for this program was formally transferred to the Rosenstiel School in 2008.

Our curriculum is designed to take full advantage of the University’s subtropical location, with year-round access to a variety of specialized marine environments including the deep ocean waters offshore, the coral reef tracts of the Florida Keys, and the estuarine sea grass beds and mangrove shoreline of South Florida. Students are introduced to the general complexities of the ocean and atmosphere through lectures, laboratories and field trips. Undergraduate students are encouraged to work with the faculty in their laboratories, and are able to earn course credit by conducting independent research under the supervision of leading scientists in their field.