Saltwater Semester

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This research based semester of courses begins Fall 2022 with the goal of involving undergraduate students in meaningful, hands-on, research experiences early in their career.

The goal of the saltwater semester is to provide a foundation in the physical and biological sciences (genetics, physiology, ecology) and to enhance students’ abilities and learning using research intensive courses. By combining classroom instruction with authentic field and laboratory experiences, students learn by doing. We use research based learning to enhance students’ understanding of how science is done, how natural systems work, and how science can be applied to finding solutions to current challenges. Students in the program work alongside faculty and their research labs to participate in real research with theory and practical applications. Each class meets Monday through Friday for several weeks to immerse students in the subject area and allow them to perform novel research. Students conduct field and laboratory experiments from day to day, collecting data, analyzing their results, and discussing their findings. Students take 4 courses during the semester in a track of their choice.

All courses will be based on the Rosenstiel School campus and will feature two tracks:

1) Coral and Invertebrate Ecology, Physiology and Conservation or
2) Experimental, Neural Physiology and Genomics.

Course descriptions can be found in the Bulletin. Click here to view.