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Advising for Spring 2023 Registration

Important Information for Registration

Dates to Remember

  • October 17th  – November 11 th Advising for Spring 2023
  • October 17th  – Classes available on CaneLink for Spring Registration
  • October 17th  – Shopping Carts Available on CaneLink
  • October 24th   – Registration Appointments available on CaneLink
  • November 7th – Registration for Spring 2023 (Begins)
  • The most updated Academic Calendar can be found at

      Scheduling an Appointment with your Advisor

  • Need to Schedule an Advising Appointment?

Advisors will be sending emails to their advisees to schedule advising appointments in Navigate by the first week in October. If you have questions for your advisor or would like to meet with them prior to advising, feel free to use Navigate to schedule an appointment. For more helpful resources and tips on how to prepare for advising, check out the University's Undergraduate Advising Website.


Register Yourself on CaneLink Beginning Monday, November 7th

It's quick and waiting in line!!!!!!!!

  • You will not be required to see your advisor if… 

You have earned 60 or more credits at UM (this does not include courses you are currently taking) and are in good academic standing. It is still  highly recommended that you meet with your advisor prior to registration!

  •   You will be required to see your advisor if…  

You have earned 59 or fewer credits at UM, (this does not include courses you are currently taking) and are in good academic standing.

  • Registration Holds/Service Indicators

Always check CaneLink to make certain there are no holds on your student records that will prevent you from registering.  If so, please settle the hold with the area that placed the hold prior to your advising appointment. Holds MUST be removed from CaneLink prior to enrollment (it can take a couple of days to process – make sure to take care of these in a timely manner).

  • Senior Exit Survey

Seniors who have applied for graduation must complete the Rosenstiel senior survey which can be found here prior to graduation.

   *Individual registration appointment times can be found in Canelink under Enrollment > Enrollment Dates > Select the proper term. Your appointment time will indicate the day and time when you can begin registering for classes. New appointment times are generated each semester.

Navigating Errors When Registering

Please read through the possible reasons for error messages below:

  • Read the Error message to figure what the issue is.
  • Does the class have requisites? – Search the course section you are looking to enroll in, click on the course and read the requirements and notes section.
  • For CHM113 sections with INT/BIL150 and CHM121 sections with PD – these sections are reserved for PRISM students.
  • WRS107 sections that end in 7 or 8 are not for Rosenstiel students. Only sections that end in 9 or a letter.
  • Courses that require department consent – you should select a different section. It is highly unlikely that you will be given approval. You will need written approval from the department than oversees the course.
  • If a course requisite states that you must be a part of a specific school/college (ex. Business School), this means that your primary school must be the one that is listed. Having a minor in the school/college will not allow you to enroll. It is for majors only. Even if you are a Marine Science double major, your primary school is Rosenstiel.
  • Combined courses will not have a waitlist.
  • If you would like to change a course with a required discussion, you will have to drop both the discussion and the lecture as they are tied. You should make sure that the lecture you want is still open prior to any enrollment activity.