List of MSC Electives

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Additional Courses for MSC and BIL Electives

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  • Additional courses that can count as MSC electives

    ATM 307. Introduction to the Physics of Climate (3cr)

    BIL 333. Conservation Biology (3cr)

    BIL 337. Coastal Ecology (3cr) LAB

    ECS 312. Environment Assessment (3cr)

    ECS 403 (capstone) CHECK TOPICS/INSTRUCTORS first

    GEG 348. Climate Change and Public Health (3cr)

    GSC 222. The Earth’s climate: Past and future (3cr)

    GSC 230. Reef Systems Through Time (3cr)

    GSC 231. Field Studies in Earth Systems (2cr)

    GSC 240. Introduction to Marine Geology (3cr)

    GSC 309. Microbes and the Environment (3cr)

    GSC 360. Depositional and Diagenetic Systems (4cr)

    GSC 380. Paleontology and Stratigraphy (4cr)

    GSC 411. Research in Geological Sciences (1-3 cr)

    MTH 359. Mathematical Models in Biology and Medicine (3cr) 

  • MBE/MSC courses that can count for BIL electives

    MSC 316/BIL 316. Global Primary Production (3cr)

    MSC 318. Ecological Genetics (3cr)

    MBE 323/MSC 323/BIL 321. Invertebrate Zoology (4cr) (LAB)

    MBE 324/MSC 324/BIL 324. Biology of Fishes (3cr)

    MBE 329/MSC 329/BIL 321. Marine Vertebrate Zoology (3cr)

    MBE 350/MSC 350/BIL 350. Survey of Marine Mammals (3cr)

    MSC 364. Life in Moving Fluids (3cr)

    MBE 415/MSC 415/BIL 415. Coral Reef Science and Management (3cr)

    MSC 417/BIL 315. Marine Biota and Biogeochemical Cycles (3cr)

    MBE 426/MSC 426. Research in Microbial Genomics (4cr)

    MBE 465/MSC 465. Marine Comparable Immunology (3cr)


    Salt Water Semester Courses

    MBE 326/MSC 326. Marine Genomics (4cr) SWS LAB

    MBE 407/MSC 407. Molecular Ecology and Physiology of Reef Coral Symbioses (4cr) SWS LAB

    MBE 408/MSC 408. Climate Change. Limits of Marine Invertebrate Adaptability (4cr) SWS LAB

    MBE 409/MSC 409. Coral Immunology and Microbiology (4cr) SWS LAB

    MBE 463/MSC 463. Conservation Genomics. (4cr) SWS LAB

    MBE 466/MSC 466/BIL 485. Experimental Physiology (4cr) SWS LAB


    UGalapagos Courses

    MSC 421. Terrestrial Biology and Adaptations of the Galapagos (3cr) LAB

    MSC 422. Marine Ecology of the Galapagos (3cr) LAB

    MSC 423. Marine Conservation Biology and Fisheries of the Galapagos (3cr) LAB