Departmental Honors

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Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science

Departmental Honors

  To have the statement, “Graduated with Departmental Honors" on your final transcript, you must:

  1. Enroll in 3 credits of an independent research course (ATM, GSC, MBE, or MSC 411) and complete it satisfactorily or complete an equivalent research experience approved by the Thesis committee chair and Rosenstiel undergraduate office. (We recommend that students begin their research no later than their junior year).

  2. Enroll in 1 credit of a senior thesis course (ATM, GSC, MBE or MSC 412) and obtain a passing grade (See Senior Thesis requirement below).

  3. During your final semester, submit your completed, typed Senior Thesis and Departmental Honors Registration Form. Select the appropriate form for your bulletin year.

  4. Complete the Rosenstiel Undergraduate Authorization Form.

  5. Present a poster or oral presentation of research at a public forum such as the Rosenstiel Undergraduate Research Forum (see Event Calendar for date).

  6. Complete and submit an approved senior thesis. See Senior Thesis Webpage.

  7. Earn a minimum overall cumulative GPA by the completion of your final semester of    

    • 3.5 if your bulletin year is prior to 2023-2024
    • 3.6 if your bulletin year is 2023-2024 or later