Samantha Shedd

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Discussing why it is important to assess coral reefs, mangroves and sea grasses to local fishermen

Sunset on the beach of my town with a watchtower for illegal fishing

Performing a mangrove habitat assessment

Playing with children on our beach at our training site

Leading a meeting with fisherfolk, discussing their decline in fish catch and how we can help

Rosenstiel school Rosenstiel school

Registering community members at our PCRA (Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment)

Samantha Shedd (Class of 2018, Major: Marine Science/Biology, Minor: Microbiology and Immunology) joined the Peace Corps in the Philippines working as a Coastal Resource Management Outreach Facilitator. Shortly after graduating, she spent her first 3 months in training for her service where she lived in a small barangay in the Philippines with a host family and helped the community with coastal resource and solid waste management. She is having an incredible time in her community adjusting to local life, language and culture before moving on to start over in a new community of her own. She started learning to speak Illongo (Also called Hiligaynon) and is now actually fluent in her local language